Symposium 2015

Presentation 7


Big Data Technologies promise to offer a number of benefits to companies by finding hidden facts in large data sets. After analysis, companies and governments are now able to maximize GIS capabilities to drive productivity and business growth. This presentation attempts to highlight just a few ways in which GIS and Big Data are reaping benefits locally with a special application in GPS Tracking technologies.


Mr Leon Leslie is the Co-founder and the Telemetry Business Systems Integrator at Cherami Ltd.; a company which he co-founded and established in 2007 in Trinidad and Tobago. Born in Roseau, Dominica, Leon graduated with a BSc in Computer Programming in 2001 from Andrews University, Michigan where he also went on to obtain an MSc in Business Administration in 2009. His professional experience includes the management of large client/server and relational databases from vendors such as Oracle. Leon has always been interested in Machine to Machine type solutions that use technologies to allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices and is particularly interested in Business intelligence, NoSQL, Complex Event Streaming and new database system trends.