Syposium 2015 Booklet

Presentation 5

Using Low Cost Unmanned Aerial Systems to Enhance the GIS Dataset – by Mr Christian Persad, Skyline Geomatics Ltd


The quality of GIS data is highly dependent on the systems used to collect such data. Within recent years, developments in technology have resulted in the emergence of new systems that provide the opportunity for new and more affordable approaches toward GIS data collection. One of these systems, UAS, has positively affected GIS datasets by contributing to a wide variety of affordable/up-to-date data products e.g. aerial images, 3-D map data, point clouds etc. Experiments were conducted determine the potential of using a Low Cost UAS for data collection in (i) dynamic situations and (ii) data collection in low light/low visibility environments. Findings indicate that the Low Cost UAS has the ability to improve GIS data collection in these scenarios. Potential applications are identified.


Mr Christian Persad obtained his A.A.S Degree in Information Systems Development in 2003 at the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago, and his B.Sc. Degree in Surveying and Land Information (First Class Honours) in 2005 at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, and Trinidad and Tobago. He entered the surveying industry in 2005, and qualified to practise as a Licensed Land Surveyor in Trinidad and Tobago in 2008. He is currently involved in the research and development of close-range photogrammetric and remote sensing mapping solutions.