Syposium 2015 Booklet

Presentation 4

Exploring GIS Opportunities in the Environmental Management Authority – by Ms Elizabeth Sumadh, EMA


The Environmental Management Authority is incorporating the use of GIS in several of its projects. These include the mapping of the locations of Certificate of Environmental Clearances applications, the Air and Water Pollutant Sources Inventory and the Development of Ambient Water Quality Standards for Trinidad and Tobago project. This presentation is focused on exploring GIS opportunities to aid in effective decision-making within the organization. It also gives a small background into the use of GIS in each of the aforementioned projects.


Mr. Ryan Assiu holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Management from the University of the West Indies and a Master's degree in Sustainable Development and Climate Change from Antioch University New England. Currently he serves as a Research Officer at the Environmental Management Authority where his main areas of focus include climate change, quarrying and improving the Authority's decision-making capacity.