Syposium 2015 Booklet

Presentation 2

A Look into L&S Cadastral Inventory System – by Ms Nikita Morris, L & S Surveying Services Ltd


Managing resources effectively and efficiently is very important in running or executing any business or task. Poor resource management can inhibit a job with respect to cost, time and profit. Using GIS, L & S has developed a cadastral inventory system to aid in proper data and resource management for private cadastral jobs. This system has proven most vital for the retrieval of soft and hardcopy files. Also the system provides an overall spatial outlook of the relationships between jobs completed. This approach has proven to be successful and the system is constantly being updated with complete jobs.


Ms Nikita Morris is a Project Assistant currently working at L & S Surveying Services Limited. After graduating with a BSc in Geomatics from UWI in 2010, she continued in the Geomatics Engineering and Land Management Department as a member of staff fulfilling research and teaching support roles. She is currently pursuing an MSc in Geoinformatics and some of her current research area and interests involve GIS, Change Detection, 3D Laser Scanning, GPS and PGIS (Participatory GIS)